Facial Treatments

Facials will not be performed if the following contra indications are present: Pregnancy past the 7th month, Sugery within the past 3 months, including cosmetics, laser eye surgery, laser surfacing, and oral surgeries among others.
Acutane used within the past 6 months, sunburn, any chemotherapy or radiation treatments within the past 3 months, Lupus or the presence of open wounds or sores of any kind including fever blisters. Other contra indication may be in affect depending on your treatment. If you are unsure of your situation please call us for assistance.

Paraffin Facial - $80
This facial is the perfect weapon against dry, dehydrated skin. The deep moisture from paraffin is more effective than any cream on the market. If Your skin needs to rejuvenate and rehydrate, consider getting a paraffin facial. Your skin will thank you! (60 min.)

Pumpkin Spice Facial NEW! - $80
A truly remarkable formulation that gives you a glow. This facial will help you appear youthful and radiant by exfoliating lhe facial skin.
(90 min.)

Personalized Cleansing Facial Treatment - $90
A luxurious cleansing facial that allows time to concentrate on your speciflc skin care needs. Including all the special touches for extra pampering and relaxation, custom made for you. A complete facial will improve your complexion and increase your sense of well being. Includes hydrating hand and foot treatment as well as the special eye treatment.
(80 min.)

European Facial Treatment - $65
If you've never had a facial before, the Deep Pore Cleaning Facial Is the place to start. An excellent relaxing facial to attend to the needs of all skin types. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, neck and shoulder massage, a mask selected for your skin type, and a hydrating hand treatment.
(50 min.)

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial - $70
The perfect facial for congested skin utilizing fruit derived cosmecceutical enzymes to properly prepare the skin for extraction of clogged pores. Includes hydrating hand treatment.
(50 min.)

Teen Facial Treatment - $60
Specifically for the needs of adolescent skin, this customized facial will not only purify, but also focus on deep cleansing and treatment of problem skin. A good education for proper skin care for years 3 to 18.
(5O min.)

Europtan Mini Facial Treatment - $40
When time is factor, try this abbreviated version of our European facial focusing on the basics: cleansing, hydration and protection. Suited for all skin types.
(25 min.)

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment - $65
An in depth cleansing for the back specifically geared towards problem skin.
(45 min.)

Glycolic Acid Treatment - $ 90
Glycolic enhances the skin's appearance by minimizing fine lines and dissolve the bonding of dead skin cells. This treatment is great for oil reduction and drying of acne. Enzyme is used for deep pore cleansing.


Our team of professional massage therapists brings a variety of treatment capabilities to serve all your massage needs. Whether you choose Swedish Aromatherapy or a move therapeutic style of massage we will target all of your massage desires.

Aromatherapy Massage - $50 (30 min.) • $75 (60 min.)
A relaxation massage using specially blended essential oils. They are highly therapeutic due to their concentrated properties to enhance the function of internal organs, strengthen the body's immune system and increase circulation.

Swedish Massage - $50 / $75
A Swedish style, relaxation massage for optimum tension and stress relief. You may request either a gentle soothing touch of firmer strokes to unduce relaxation, increase circulation and ease sore and tired muscles.

Therapeutic Massage - $50 / $85
This treatment is customized for your specific needs using various modalities and pressure, in one particular zone or a specific muscle group.

Lomi Lomi Massage - $115 (80 min.)
The ancient healing art of stone massage is a modality for physical and spiritual balancing. The body is massaged with smooth hot stones using various massage techniques, thus relaxing the body at its depest level.

 Time:  30 min. 60 min.  90 min.
 Sport Massage $60 $90 $120
 Deep Tissue $60 $90 $120
 Ear Candling $35    

Hawaiian Massage

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